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- Songs with heart and emotion

With a handful of very competent musicians behind them, the Olsen Brothers are going back to the roots with their new album "Songs". Jørgen and Noller Olsen have lived out an old dream in recording their own versions of the all-time favourites from their youth. To mention a few; "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) which was a smash-hit for Edison Lighthouse, "Cecilia", "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Daydream Believer", "No Milk Today" and many, many more. All of them are songs, which the brothers wished were their own!

The Olsen Brothers have recorded the songs with deep respect for the original material - but still with the particular sound which characterize the music of the Olsen Brothers. A universe filled with intimacy and great musical quality.

"We hope that our love for these songs shine trough when people listen to the cd", says Jørgen. "Actually it was recorded rather quickly, and we gave ourselves up to this universe and enjoyed pretending that they were all our own songs", Noller continues with a big smile. On "Songs" the brothers are working together with a live orchestra of some of the most skilful musicians in Denmark: Poul Halberg on guitar, Jette Schandorf on bass, Olle Nyberg on piano, Jan Sivertsen on drums, Jacob Andersen on percussion and finally choir by Jacob and Søren Launbjerg.

The Olsen Brothers manage to sing these wonderful classics with great passion and warmth. One might even be tempted to say that the brothers' versions make the songs even more lovable.

"Songs" is produced by Poul Halberg and vocally produced by Stig Kreutzfeldt.

Release: 5th august 2002